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Top 6 Projectors That Cost Under $800: The Best Options

If you are in the market for a projector but don’t want to spend more than $800, these 6 models will be perfect for your needs. They range from 1080p quality all the way down to 720p resolution, so there is an option available for every budget. Whether you need a basic model or something that includes additional features like 3D technology and wireless capabilities, one of these options will suit your needs perfectly!

Epson Home Cinema 1080 3-chip 3LCD 1080p Projector, 3400 lumens Color and White Brightness,...
Epson Home Cinema 1080 3-chip 3LCD 1080p Projector, 3400 lumens Color and White Brightness,...
Easy setup — built-in speaker and easy setup for HD entertainment right out of the box; Dynamic contrast ratio — up to 16,000:1 for rich detail in dark scenes
BenQ MH733 1080P Business Projector | 4000 Lumens for Lights On Enjoyment | 16,000:1 Contrast Ratio...
BenQ MH733 1080P Business Projector | 4000 Lumens for Lights On Enjoyment | 16,000:1 Contrast Ratio...
LAMP SAVE MODE: 15,000hr long lamp life to lower the cost of ownership

Optoma HD28HDR 1080p Home Theater Projector

I am an avid gamer and moviegoer so I was excited to review the Optoma HD28HDR 1080p Home Theater Projector. The first thing that was noticed is how easy it was to set up this machine, which took less than five minutes before we were ready for our first game session on a 100-inch screen in my basement man cave!

Optoma HD28HDR 1080p Home Theater Projector for Gaming and Movies | Support for 4K Input | HDR...

There are many settings available with brightness adjustments as well as focus adjustments made simple by the remote control. One of the best features of this unit is its ability to project at different angles from 0 degrees (straight ahead) all the way down to 20 degrees off center-left or right – plus there’s vertical keystone correction too. This means you can mount it near your ceiling without worry about throwing the image off balance.

There are also many connection options including an SD card slot, two USB ports that can handle both data and power devices (great for charging an iPad!), plus AV MHL, VGA, RCA & composite video input connections too. We had so much fun gaming but it’s not just about entertainment because you’ll be impressed by how brilliant these images look when streaming movies or watching Netflix as well!

What We Like:

  • Enhanced Gaming Mode is a great feature for gamers who need to react quickly and see dark scenes.
  • Dynamic Black technology has improved the contrast between light and dark areas on the screen.

What Needs Improvement:

  • The fan noise can be loud when you are watching movies with sound; however, it does not happen often enough to distract from your viewing experience.

Epson Home Cinema CH1080 Projector

The Epson Home Cinema CH1080p Projector is a great projector for general use. The big upside to the Epson Home Cinema 1080p Projector over other projectors in its price range (the Optoma HD28DSE, Viewsonic PJD7820HD) is that it has built-in speakers and does not require an additional sound system if you plan on using your TV or computer with this projector.

This makes setup much easier and more convenient than having to worry about running cables from your audio equipment back to the projection screen. Another plus for the Epson Home Cinema 1080p Projector review that sets it apart from some of its competitors is that it includes HDMI inputs as well as VGA input which can be used to connect your computer.

Epson Home Cinema 1080 3-chip 3LCD 1080p Projector, 3400 lumens Color and White Brightness,...

The only downside is that, unlike some other projectors in its price range, this projector does not have a built-in memory card reader or USB port for connecting external devices like an iPod. The Epson Home Cinema 1080p Projector review has very high contrast and brightness levels, with colors being rendered accurately enough so as not to detract from the movie you are viewing on screen.

This particular model also comes equipped with multiple lens shift options which make it easy to place the image exactly where you want it without any distortion of perspective at all. There are three different zoom modes available: Auto Zoom (fixed), Manual Zoom Lens Shift mode, and Fixed Pixel Mode – each giving their own benefits depending on what kind of presentation you need.

What We Like:

  • Clear 1080p HD resolution
  • Easy to set up and use with any HDMI device.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The speakers are not very loud, especially when turned all the way up.

BenQ MH733 1080P Business Projector

The BenQ MH733 1080P Business Projector is a product that was designed to meet the needs of those people in need of high-definition video and sound. It has been used for education, conferences, business presentations, or other events where large screen size projection may be needed.

The picture on this projector looks great because it’s so clear–colorful really pops off the screen with an eight-million-pixel resolution! And don’t forget about its “Noise Reduction” technology which effectively reduces noise during playback by up to 50%. The Projection Screen Size: 30 inches – 300 inches (Diagonal). This means you can use any surface from your wall to your whiteboard as a digital projection service – just turn it on and start projecting.

BenQ MH733 1080P Business Projector | 4000 Lumens for Lights On Enjoyment | 16,000:1 Contrast Ratio...

In the box, you will find a BenQ MH733 projector, remote control with battery, power cord, VGA cable for PC use only, HDMI cables for HDTV or monitor connected to your device as well as an RCA audio/video cable that connects from the back of your computer all the way around to video input in front of your TV if desired so that everything is in sync!

There are also two tripod mounts; one adjustable arm mount where you can set up this projector at any angle – horizontal or vertical – right next to whatever screen size is needed; plus there’s a fixed mount that attaches to the ceiling or wall.

The BenQ MH733 projector is designed for business use and not home entertainment, so it features a short-throw lens that allows you to project up to 100 inches from just about any distance away! There are also three preset modes – Power Saving Mode (less than 50W of power consumption), Eco+ mode with 20% less brightness and 30% lower fan noise, as well as the Standard setting – this projector has settings perfect for your needs in different environments depending on what’s available.

What We Like:

  • Good price for a projector this size
  • Bright enough to be used in any room
  • Loudspeaker built-in and can project on bigger screens

What We Don’t Like:

  • No DVI input; only HDMI connections available

Optoma GT1080HDR Short Throw Gaming Projector

Optoma has a new gaming projector to offer gamers, and it’s the big daddy of them all. The Optoma GT1080HDR short-throw Projector offers an unbeatable combination of performance features for those looking for a complete setup in their own home theater.

I don’t know if there is one feature that can be pointed out as being best on this model; they are just so good across the board! We will get into more detail shortly about why we love this unit so much but first let us talk about what makes the Optoma GT1080HDR such a great product.

Optoma GT1080HDR Short Throw Gaming Projector | Enhanced Gaming Mode for 1080P 120Hz Gaming at 8.4ms...

First off, at least when it comes to projectors, you won’t find anything that performs better than 1080p units – the Optoma GT1080HDR is no exception. This unit’s native resolution of 1080p with a 16:09 aspect ratio provides crisp, clear images that make you want to dive into them and experience all they have to offer.

The contrast levels are some of the best we found on any projector – specifically because it offers HDR support which means true blacks instead of washed-out dark areas in films or games. The HDR compatibility also makes this model compatible for use with video game consoles like Xbox One X where the high-dynamic-range is supported as well as other devices such as Blu-ray players, computers, streaming media sticks like Roku and Apple TV so if you were looking for one device to do everything then look no further than the Optoma GT1080HDR.

Optoma’s business partner, Brightech has also enabled this model with compatibility for their Smart TV application which provides access to a library of over 25,000 titles in the app store along with streaming video services like Netflix and YouTube as well as live television from many different providers such as Hulu.

What We Like:

  • The GT1080HW is a powerful and versatile projector that offers fantastic gaming performance in small spaces, thanks to its short throw lens.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The lack of full HD resolution on this model could be an issue for some gamers who prefer high-end graphical fidelity.

BenQ TH671ST Short Throw Gaming Projector

The BenQ TH671ST Short-Throw Gaming Projector is a solid model with 1080p native resolution. It’s the newest model in their lineup, and I got to test it out for you guys! Read on for my full review of this awesome product! BenQ has always been one of my favorite brands when it comes to projectors – they always have high-quality products that are reasonably priced.

BenQ TH671ST 1080p Short Throw Gaming Projector | Gaming Mode for Intense Low Input Lag Action |...

The latest iteration in their lineup does not disappoint: the build quality is superb, image size can be adjusted anywhere between 100″ all the way down to 16″ from your wall (perfect if you want a mobile light show!), colors look great both during day time and night time viewing, speakers sound good enough but aren’t the best I’ve heard, and the projector itself is lightweight enough to carry around.

It has a metal casing that looks great, although it can be quite difficult to clean if you spill something on it! The only downside that I found was the brightness – in my opinion, this BenQ TH671ST doesn’t have as high of brightness levels as some other projectors do (though I think they did well considering its short-throw design).

That being said: colors are accurate both during daytime viewing and nighttime; there is little ghosting or blurring when playing fast-moving video games with lots of motion; horizontal keystone correction helps get rid of distortion at extreme angles without having to adjust your projection surface size.

What We Like:

  • Amazing picture quality, amazing details in images and videos. The colors are bright and vivid without being over the top like some projectors I’ve seen.
  • Lots of bonus features including speakers that sound great with crisp highs and lows, a built-in media player that supports many formats including H264, DivX HD 720p up to 1080p (with HDMI), Images – JPEGs; Audio – MPOs & WAV files so you can play your own music if desired or enjoy Netflix from USB memory drive or flash drive with no need for an external streaming device!
  • Long lamp life: SmartEco mode keeps it at max brightness for longer while Eco mode reduces power use by 60%-70% which is more than enough for most situations

What We Like Less:

  • The only thing I noticed was that the remote control does not have a backlight.

XGIMI MoGo Pro Native Portable Projector Review

The XGIMI MoGo Pro Native Portable Projector is a 1080p mini projector with around 300 Lumens brightness and it offers a 100″ projection from about 12 feet away. And this makes for an experience that’s plenty bright enough to fill the room with light, even in daylight.

XGIMI MoGo Pro Native Portable Home Projector Android TV 9.0,1080p Wi-Fi Smart Mini Movie...

The XGIMI MoGo Pro Native Portable Projector offers an impressive 60-150 inch projection size at distances of up to 12ft – there’s no need for the usual short-throw projectors that are optimized for just a six-foot distance or so! It does require some setting up in order to get it working best, but once you have your image adjusted correctly it’ll look fantastic on anything from white walls to black ceilings.

The projector has HDMI input, which means that almost any device can be projected onto its surface; computer screens, gaming systems, and laptops all work flawlessly too. And if you don’t want wires trailing everywhere then you can also use the included wireless streamer, which plugs into your TV or computer and sends it to the projector without any fuss.

It’s not easy finding a good portable projector that delivers high-quality images at an affordable price – but with XGIMI MoGo Pro Native Portable Projector you’ll get all of this for a great price. If you want something small enough to fit in your handbag then there are other models on offer here too so be sure to check them out before making up your mind.

Quick Specs:

  • An advanced DLP lamp brings stunning FHD entertainment at a bright 300 ANSI lumens. Enjoy vivid colors on the giant 100-inch screen size.
  • Download apps directly to the projector from Google Play, including YouTube, Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, and more. You can also wirelessly mirror your phone’s screen to the projector.
  • The MoGo Pro is a genuinely portable projector that can run off the rechargeable battery for the length of a film. Great for evening screenings outdoors.
  • Thanks to our autofocus function and 40° Auto Keystone Correction, you can achieve a perfect aspect ratio from almost any angle.
  • Compact design

What We Like:

  • Compact design
  • Great for outdoor screenings.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The power cable is a little short, but it’s not too much of an issue as the device can go off its battery and be used outdoors.


The XGIMI MoGo Pro Native Portable Projector Review has all you need to enjoy full HD entertainment on your projector screen – sturdy build quality, bright colors, wireless connectivity, and portability make this high-tech gadget one of our favorites. If you’re looking for something more advanced than a handheld or portable DVD player, we recommend giving the XGIMI MoGo Pro native portable USB projectors a chance!”

Last update on 2021-02-20

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