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6 Best Projectors You Can Buy For Under $150

Projectors are an excellent way to bring your presentations, movies, and other content from the screen to life. They also have a variety of uses in education. These projectors can be used for home theater setups, or even as a stand-alone device that you can take with you anywhere. The technology is advancing at such a rapid pace these days, it’s hard to keep up with all of the new releases! That being said, we’ve compiled the 6 best projectors you can buy for under $150 allowing them to easily find what they’re looking for. Let’s get started!

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Jinhoo WiFi 6500L Outdoor Movie Projector

The Jinhoo WiFi Wireless Outdoor Movie Projector is an amazing product that can truly take your outdoor movie experience to another level. This projector includes features like high-definition resolution, a long-range of wireless connectivity, and the ability to project from any device with HDMI input such as laptops, smartphones, or tablets.

WiFi Mini Projector, 2020 Latest Update 5500L [100' Projector Screen Included] Outdoor Movie...

It’s also ultra-lightweight and compact so you don’t have to worry about setting up anything too elaborate for your next outdoor event! This projector has some great benefits including its status as being dustproof, waterproof, and shock-resistant which makes it easy to use anywhere without worrying about damaging it in any way.

You can even set this up on water if you want because of these extreme weather conditions – perfect for fishing trips! There are two different operating modes that you can choose from to make this the perfect projector for your event. The first mode is called Movie Mode which has a higher resolution and allows you to play content like videos, movies, or photographs on it as well as providing an incredible depth of the black level with good color accuracy.

What We Like:

  • It is easy to use and set up, which means it will be a great item for everyone.
  • The sound system that comes with this projector is amazing because you can’t go wrong if the speaker sounds good and powerful!

What We Don’t Like:

  • There are no negatives about this product so far.

BIGASUO 2021 Upgrade Full HD Bluetooth Projector

The BIGASUO 2021 Ful HD Bluetooth Projector is an upgraded version of the company’s 2020 model. It features a high-definition 1080p projection which, as you would expect from such advanced technology and size, provides excellent performance at short distances and in brightly lit rooms.

BIGASUO [2021 Upgrade] Full HD Bluetooth Projector with Built-in DVD Player, Portable Mini Projector...

It also has two HDMI ports for connecting to a game console or other home theater device or PC, but if they are not available it can still be used with wireless devices through its Bluetooth connectivity.

If there’s one downside to this otherwise great unit, it is that its battery life lasts only about 90 minutes so frequent breaks will need to be taken when using it on large screens like TV sets because after just ninety minutes of continuous use power starts being drained quickly.


  • Excellent projection quality
  • Connectivity options


  • Poor battery life

VIVIMAGE Explore 2 WiFi Mini Projector

The VIVIMAGE Explore Mini Projector is a powerful product with many features. It packs the power of 6500 lumens and has a WiFi connection for an easy set-up. The projector is also lightweight which makes it easier to carry around. This mini projector’s 1080P resolution ensures that you get a clear picture without any blurriness.

VIVIMAGE Explore 2 Mini WiFi Projector, Portable 1080P Supported Projector, 40,000 Hours Lamp Life...

You can use this projector anywhere as long as there’s enough light because its brightness ranges from 1800 lumens – 6500 lumens depending on how bright you need it to be in your space or room. There are multiple ports that connect your device making it compatible with most devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, DVD players, and many more!

What We Like:

  • It’s lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • There are multiple ports that connect your device making it compatible with most devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and many more!

Our Concerns:

  • The WiFi connection isn’t as strong or fast when compared to other projectors. This can be fixed if you have a wired internet connection which is great for people who live in rural areas where wi-fi connections aren’t available yet.
  • The projector also doesn’t support Netflix out of the box but this feature has been promised by Vivimage so please stay tuned!
  • You’ll need an HDMI cable (not included) to connect your device to the projector

BOMAKER WiFi Mini Outdoor Movie Projector

The BOMAKER WiFi Mini Outdoor Movie Projector is a great little gadget for outdoor movie nights. It can project up to 32 to 176 inches of big screen size on any wall or even the side of your house.

The projector has an HDMI port that allows you to connect it with other sources like laptops, gaming systems, and mobile devices such as Android smartphones and tablets.

Bomaker 2021 Upgraded Native HD WiFi Mini Projector, 200 ANSI Lumen TV Projector, Native 1280x720P,...

With its built-in 2000 lumens light bulb this mini projector provides bright graphics which are much easier on your eyes than using another type of source (e.g., laptop).

This product also features a separate speaker system so you don’t have to plug in external speakers if you want better sound quality while watching movies outside during these summer months!

What We Like:

  • It works well with both your TV Stick and Android, iPhone, iPad.
  • Compatible with TV Box, PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Blue-ray DVD player, SD Card, USB Flash Drive,, Video Games

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is not compatible for Mac OS system

APEMAN LC400 Mini Portable Video Projector

This small, portable video projector from APEMAN is an excellent choice for watching videos, movies, and TV shows on the go. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to watch content in a dark room or outside at night without having their equipment easily seen.

This mini projector has a 720p HD resolution that produces clear images with plenty of detail even when projected onto surfaces up close like walls or ceilings.

APEMAN Mini Projector, 1080P Supported, 200'' Max Display 60000 Hrs Lamp Life Portable Video...

The built-in speaker delivers sound loud enough to be heard over background noises like traffic or wind while projecting images as large as 100 inches across!

And it’s lightweight design makes this device easy to carry around despite its power-packed features. Users will have no problem finding a dark room, outside at night, or even just an area with low ambient lighting in which to project images.

What We Like:

  • Compatible with many devices
  • The fan noise suppression system and cooling technology is efficient for the heat of the bulb, which greatly reduces noise
  • Extend lamp life to 60,000 hours.

What We Dislike:

  • If your video has no sound, please turn off Dolby Audio in the settings of sources’ device because it’s not supported by this projector on its own function.

QKK QK02 Mini Projector 6500 Lumens Portable LCD Projector

If you want something simple and inexpensive, the QKK QK02 Mini Projector offers great value for money. It’s not going to wow anyone with its features but it does offer solid performance. The screen size can be adjusted from 80 inches up to 120 inches which means that this should easily fit into any living room in your house (unless there are very high ceilings).

QKK Mini Projector 6500Lumens Portable LCD Projector [100' Projector Screen Included] Full HD 1080P...

The brightness of this projector is 6500 lumens which makes watching movies or playing games quite enjoyable as well. I found that the sound was actually really good considering how small the speakers are on this device! This type of mini-projector has some limitations when it comes to being used in a big open space, but it does an excellent job for smaller living areas.

The QKK Mini Projector is lightweight and easy to set up which makes it perfect for traveling with as well. It’s not the most advanced projector on the market in terms of features or performance, but if you need something cheap this will do just fine!

What We Like:

  • High-Quality Projection: QKK Mini projector has an LCD display with 1080p Native Resolution which meets all your Home Entertainment needs.
  • Easy to Setup

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not compatible with some external devices like gaming consoles, DVD players, and TVs. So the audio output will be limited to what you can hear from your computer speakers or mobile device speaker.
  • No Screen Lock Functionality: There are no buttons on the screen for locking it in one position while projecting.

Last update on 2021-02-20

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